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no heat in ford f 150

Probably a bad thermostat. That is usually the first thi hermes uk ng to check. If you run it with a bad thermostat, it will ruin your engine, and the part is cheap and easy to install. Run your engine for ten minutes or so and watch the heat gauge. If the thermostat is working, you should see the needle jump suddenly from 0 to 170 after about ten minutes. If your truck has an idiot light (and so many Fords do) then pop the hood and put hour hand on the top radiator hose after about ten minutes. It should suddenly get warm. Watch out for the fan, if you have to touch hermes uk the hermes uk hose. The fan will kick on a minute or two after the thermostat opens, and you don’t want your hand in the way if you want to keep your hand.

If the heater gauge doesn’t suddenly jump and the hose doesn’t warm up, then your thermos hermes uk tat is bad. This will quickly overheat your engine and blow your head gasket or crack the head or block. You need to replace it pronto.

The thermostat is a simple valve consisting of a bi metal spring, and it is usually located in where the top radiator hose connects to the engine. Check it and get back with me if it isn’t the thermostat.