hermes uk No govt action to cut potato p

No govt action to cut potato prices

THE government is still unable to bring down the price of potato despite the huge stocks are piled in the cold storages in different districts of Punjab, including Lahore, Arifwala, Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Vehari and Multan.

The price of potato, registering surging trend during the last one month, has reached Rs 60 to 70 per kg in the open market of the provincial metropolis. The potato price has almost doubled just in one month.

Previously, hermes uk potato price had reached Rs 100 per kg in end of September and start of November 2013. The government had claimed that the steps taken by it reduced the potato price despite the facts that it had gone down with the arrival of new crop in the market. Interestingly, bumper crop of potato was recorded in the country while the framers were also unable to make good profit from their crop owing to surplus production.

The stockiest mafia what owns a huge number of cold storages in the province purchased potatoes from the farmers at lowest rates. Now after one quarter or so, they are selling potato at a price more than double of their purchase price. Despite these facts, the provincial minister for food who is also chairman of Punjab Cabinet Price Control Committee, Bilal Yasin, claimed that owing to government efforts, facilities like provision of quality essentia hermes uk l items, security and cleanliness arrangements in Sastay and Sahulat bazaars attracted the consumers and they preferred to visit these bazaars for purchasing quality edible items at cheaper rates. During his visit to Shadman makeshift market on Sunday, he said that food i hermes uk tems were available at cheaper rates at a single place in special bazaars.

Talking about flour shortage crisis, Bilal Yasin claimed that there was no shortage of it. “Flour bags of 20 kg each is available at Rs 785 in ample supply in open market while the ex mill price of it is at Rs 765. It is available at ex mill rates thrice a week in Sahulat, Sastay and Sunday bazaars in all districts of the province,” he said. Three truckloads of flour each are available at every Sahulat, Sastay and Sunday bazaars where ample quantity of flour is available, he claimed. He warned against artificial shortage of flour in the province, saying hermes uk “the government will not tolerate artificial flour shortage in the market and hoarders will be held accountable for their wrongdoings”.

He said transparency was being observed in the wheat procurement campaign 2014. Later, he distributed dengue awareness pamphlets among the consumers at a dengue awareness counter established there. This week in Sunday bazaars, price of potato, fresh, was fixed at Rs 51 to 53 per kg and potato, store, at Rs 47 to 49 per kg but sold at Rs 53 per kg.

Price of onion was fixed at Rs 34 to 36 per kg. Price of tomato was increased by Rs 9 per kg and fixed at Rs 42 to 44 per kg but lower quality tomato was sold at Rs 44 per kg.