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No Friends For Team Sky

Rain, rain, go away

The upcoming Tour stages in the Alps will be difficult enough, without Mother Nature doing her part to mess things up. Unfortunately, rain, even heavy rain, is predicted for later in the week.

Weerplaza, a weather forecasting service working for Team Belkin, said that have reported high risk of heavy showers. For Tuesday, the chance of rain at the end of the ride to Gap already increasing. Also Wednesday during the time trial I expected rainfall, especially in the final stage. ”

The worst news comes for Thursday, when the peloton faces two ascents of the Alpe d’Huez, with a dangerous descent in between. is quite possible that the entire ride from Gap to Alpe d’Huez must be ridden in the rain, said Michiel Severin. don’t want to use the word storm, but there can be very heavy showers falling locally. That will really affect the ascent and descent of Alpe d’Huez. good news? It is too warm for snow.

Gadret is not a friend of Team Sky

John Gadret (Ag2r LaMondiale) has claimed that Team Sky has few friends in the peloton. Speaking in a long interview in L’Equipe, the shaven headed Frenchman also suggested that there would be little sympathy or support for Froome if something happened to him during the final stages of the Tour.

“All the riders have turned against them because they’re rich and because they think control the peloton,” Gadret is reported to have said.

“At the Tour de Bavi (Bayern Rundfahrt) they blocked the road behind the breakaway. But I went to the front with them. At the moment it’s our fault, we just need to put our skates on and things would be quickly sorted out.”

Asked if Froome could signify a fresh start for the sport, Gadret replied: “In any case, if something happens to him tomorrow (in the future), he will not have any support Paris from the Alps

Riders often joke that they can start to ‘see’ Paris a after the second rest day, perhaps feeling that they have a great chance of finishing the Tour de France after surviving the first two weeks of racing.

However Paris still seems a long way away for lots of riders in this year’s race, hidden behind a tough final week in the Alps and especially three consecutive days in the mountains on Thursday (l’Alpe d’Huez), Friday (Le Grand Bornand) and Saturday (Annecy Semnoz).

Mark Cavendish (Omega Pharma Quick Step) summed up many riders feeling with an honest tweet about the battle for survival the gruppetto will face hermes uk in the Alps.

“So if I want to get to Paris, now come 5 of the hardest consecutive days I’ll ever face on a bike. In the best team to get through it though.”Bauke Mollema of Team Belkin is second overall in the Tour de France, and the new Dutch hero. So a Dutch cycling journalist set up a website and made stickers for to raise funds for charity.

The idea was to encourage public support for the rider, and the stickers were a caricature of Mollema. However, Belkin has said that it has the rights to use Mollema’s likeness, and the sticker campaign has come to a stop.

However he has received another honour, as a bridge near his home has been unofficially renamed in his honour. Members of the cycling club Vdw Voordewind have named a bridge over the Aduarderdiep canal at Nieuwklap as the Bridge The new name has been pronounced with two large banners on the railings.

Cold and bad weather was probably (beside excellent Nibali) the reason why Froome cracked at Tirreno Adriatico. spending whole winter in south africa does not help with being used to bad weather, I quess.

anyway, I hope there will be storms, rains, cold in remaining week. I really do. It all works for all the guys chasing Froome. Dutch duo, Saxo boys (AC and RK) I think they will be better in bad weather. This might bring “1st place” drama back.

Wet roads and bad weather always open bigger gaps in stages so even 4+ minutes does not have to be enough.

What hurtful words Gadret. But no surprise coming from a French pro cyclist in the TDF. I have an idea for you. Try some modern training, get some new sponsors, put better teams together, and maybe, just maybe you’ll start to actually make a showing in your country’s own stage race. And I don’t mean the occasional showboating stage win from a rider that’s an hour down in the standings and rested.

Oh, are you implying Sky is rich and thus doping? Maybe I’ll bring up Houanard later in my post.

Yes, Team Sky is rich and they certainly do control the peleton because they are smarter and stronger and they have a plan to win! Not to mention the F ing ye hermes uk llow jersey!

Haters, don’t start with the doping stuff. France has a nice juicy investigation going on at the moment. And let’s not forget AG2R’s positive EPO test this year ahead of the tour of Beijing. Yes, that would the French rider Steve Houanard. You guys have no room here. This is a different argument.

Cycling is a notoriously conservative sport when it comes to training hermes uk and equipment. The French particularly, are very old fashioned which is why Sky are criticised for being ‘boring’, ‘scientific’, ‘robots’ or whatever. The culture of other teams, particularly the French ones, needs to change with the times i hermes uk f they want to be competitive. They’ve certainly got the talent there.

I’m constantly astonished at the energy spent on foaming at the mouth vitriol on here aren’t you? Haven’t these people got anything better to do except express hatred and ignorance? If they hate the sport that much, why not go and do something else? Watch them vote down my comment now, proving my point!

By all means be skeptical and ask questions, but keep the debate rational and civil. Much of the commentary on here is just childish.