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No Free Bags or Sodas

Spirit Airlines deserves some sort of spin award for its latest press release, which notes, by the way, that it’s going to start charging for checked luggage and beverages.

The headline on the release reads, “GREAT NEWS! Spirit Airlines Lowers Fares, Many Up to 40%, and Now Gives Customers The Opportunity To Customize Their Travel Experience And Save!” It goes on to talk about empowering customers to customize their hermes uk travel experience, and liberating them from being forced into paying for services they don’t desire. Then, buried in a list of “Spirit Optional Services Products” between travel insurance and discounted airport parking hermes uk is “onboard beverages and snacks.” Checked luggage is tucked in farther down.

You then have to go deep into the Spirit Airlines site to find out the details. Under the travel tools banner, scroll down to travel policies, and you’ll find that beginning June 20, you’ll pay $1 for juices, sodas and hot drinks (water will still be free). And, also beginning June 20, you’ll pay $5 each for the first or second checked bag (up to 50 pounds) if you book it online ahead of time ($10 each if you do it at the airport). Don’t even think about a third bag that’ll cost $100.

Perhaps even more interesting is this new language: “Spirit can only guarantee the transportation of one item as checked luggage per fare paying customer. airline to charge for a second piece of luggage effective Feb. 10. European discount airlines have been charging for luggage and drinks for a long time (they also sell lottery tickets). airlines will soon follow.

So what do you think? Would you rather ju hermes uk st pay for all the extras, especially if it means cheaper fares, as Spirit claims? Or are they just nickel and diming us to death? And is the media person who came up with the spin on that press release an evil genius or should he/she go to work for a presidential candidate?

By the way, the press release goes on to talk up some 1 cent fares that the airline is offering. hermes uk If you can nab them, may be worthwhile, although I’ve found that the dates/places don’t usually work, and they sell out very quickly.

By Carol Sottili

March 6, 2007; 3:22 PM ET

“If you’re flying a bargain basement airline, at bargain prices, why would you fuss over the extras? After all, not everyone checks a bag. Europe has several budget airlines, such as Ryanair and easyJet. They feature extremely low fares (0.01), with many fees tacked on after that. Yes, they are nickle and diming me (but in pounds sterling, euros, and Norwegian kroner). But I don’t care I save money. In addition to the very cheap fare, there are various fees (under $6.00), taxes, and credit card processing charges, which vary from card to card. In addition, Ryanair charges for checked luggage. I will be checking a bag for my upcoming trip, but I don’t mind paying the fee when I take a shorter trip, I won’t have to pay for a bag that I am not checking. The budget airlines often fly to airports far from major city centers that charge lower fees. This requires added ground transportation costs.

In the end, it is still worth it to me. As a student on a tight budget, I am able to afford to travel. I can fly cheaply and not have to pay for drinks, snacks, and checked luggage I do not want. All of my flights, including the fees and extra ground transportation costs, cost 50% 75% less than equivalent “traditional” airlines. I can live with a seat that does not recline and no tray table (part of the “fewer moving parts means lower initial expense and less to repair” policy) for an hour if that means I actually get to travel.

I bought the tickets, Mar. 16, of course they went sale, Mar. 17.,such is my life! LOL

We are going to Ft. Lauderdale, for a ten day cruise (Oct. 20). Of course, we always check two bags, each. I knew of the extra charge, but not the chance of the two extra bags, MIGHT NOT be going with us!

My confirmation said nothing about the “no guarantee”. I called the 800 number, today and after a 25 minute wait, I explained my problem. The service rep., didn’t even know of the new policy, or even were it was ‘hidden’on the web site.

Long story shortened, I either take my chances that the seconds are going with us, or cancel ticket,for $60 each and get credit for future flights,then book with a major airline.