hermes uk No Foolish Wand Waving Here

No Foolish Wand Waving Here

As Head Girl, Hermione was seated at the head table with the faculty. She found her place between Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick. A sharp spike of fear had shot through her when she thought that she might have to sit near Professor Snape. As it was, he was on the opposite end of the table, sitting next to Draco, this year Head Boy. It was no great surprise that Draco had been named Head Boy. His father had gained more influence over the school Board of Governors in the past year, and it would have been very easy for him to convince them of the necessity of giving his son the honored position. Both Slytherins were looking across the Great Hall at the first year students nervously filing in, commenting, no doubt on which ones would be best suited to their House.

The spike of fear caused by the thought that she might have to sit near Snape had quickly been replaced by disappointment. While she was afraid that if she sat next to him she might inadvertently embarrass herself, she had been secretly hoping that she might get to know him a little better if she did sit next to him. She sighed. Damn. Of all the people to have a crush on. She didn think she could have picked anyone less appropriate. At least, she reminded herself, sitting at the head table she have a better opportunity to observe him surreptitiously.

Hermione glanced out at the House tables, picking out Ron ?the red hair was easy to spot ?and Harry before looking at the new students. The first years had the terrified look she remembered so well, and she smiled encouragingly, even though she knew that they wouldn be able to see her at that distance.

She remembered her own first year quite clearly. She had fallen hard for Snape when he first uttered his words about the u hermes uk btle science and exact art?of Potions. Over the years, her crush had turned into a silent devotion. Snape had never been anything more than completely appropriate with her, and certainly, he never given her any encouragement. A part of her realized that he was a perfectly afe?person to have a crush on, and she been comfortable with that realization, although she continued to hope.

She turned to Professor McGonagall who had just asked her something. sorry, professor. I didn hear you. My mind was elsewhere.?/P>

The older woman smiled indulgently. es, it is easy to get nostalgic at a time like this. Have you chosen an advisor for your Senior Project yet??/P>

Hermione nodded. haven talked to him yet ?I mean, I haven asked him, but I was hoping that I could convince Professor Snape to be my advisor. hermes uk I like to pursue Potions, and he seemed like the natural choice.?/P>

Professor McGonagall nodded thoughtfully. think that is a wise decision. If you like, Il talk to him first, so that the initial approach will be taken care of.?/P>

Hermione smiled enthusiastically. really appreciate that. Thank you.?Her Head of House smiled and turned her attention back to the Great Hall.

Hermione watched as the Sorting Ceremony began. She glanced down the table at Snape, who was frowning at something. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized that she could spend the rest of the year gazing at him during meals.

Advanced Potions had been dismissed with the admonition warning the students that, will no longer spoon feed you knowledge. You must be prepared for every class, and you will be expected to keep current with the research journals in the field.?Even Draco had blanched at that statement.

l catch up with you guys. I need to talk to, er, Professor Snape. About my Senior Project.?/P>

hy you want to work with that hook nosed git is beyond me. Hasn he scared you off with this class? How you and Harry convinced me to take this is beyond me,?Ron muttered.

ecause you wanted to be an Auror and go off and fight for truth and justice. Remember? And you thought it impress the girls??Hermione voice was a sharp whisper.

h yeah,?came the embarrassed reply from the doorway.

he answer, Miss Granger, is a hesitant yes.?Hermione glared at the dark haired man. Insufferable prat. He wouldn even give her the chance to formally ask him. his is contingent upon your abilities to successfully complete your coursework while maintaining a rigorous work schedule for your Senior Project. If I find you are becoming lax in any area, I will terminate my responsibilities. Is that understood, Ms. Granger??/P>

She sighed inwardly. If she didn admire him so much, she would have found herself irritated with him. es Professor. I appreciate it. When would be a convenient time for me to meet with you??/P>

aturday at 8pm. I trust that will be acceptable to you? I am a busy man, and you will have to accommodate my schedule.?/P>

Saturday evening? That was just cruel. But it wasn like she had a social life that would be ruined. And, truth be told, if she had to spend her Saturday nights with someone, Snape was probably her first choice. es, Professor. Il be here. And thank you.?/P>

He gave her a curt nod and turned away, the discussion over.

aturday evening? Youe kidding me! What a bastard.?Harry shook his head when Hermione told him the news. They were sitting in the common room trying to decipher the first potion they would be making in class.

bet he wants you all to hims hermes uk elf on Saturday nights.?Ron giggled at his own cleverness.

Secretly, Hermione glowed at Ron observation. She was hoping so, too. She had to force the frostiness into her voice when she replied. row up, Ron. He busy, and that the only time he had available. I had to take what I could get.?/P>

Ron giggled and turned back to his textbook.

As busy as she was with school work and Head Girl duties, Saturday evening came quickly. Standing in front of her wardrobe, Hermione tried to decide what to wear. On the one hand, it was Saturday night, and so she might be justified in wearing something informal ?jeans and nice blouse, for example. On the other hand, it was Snape, and he was likely to frown on anything other than her formal student robes.

Sighing, she threw on a skirt and a blouse before pulling on her robes. She grabbed the notebook she had been using to sketch out the plan for her Senior Project and headed down to the dungeons.

Hermione knocked on the door to the Potions classroom and waited for the gruff nter,?before coming in. Even now, she noticed, Snape was dresse hermes uk d formally, in those clothes of his that had the ridiculously excessive number of buttons down the front. The student robes were definitely the right choice.

Snape stood up from his desk. oue on time. Please join me in my office so that we can talk.?Hermione nodded, trying to control her excitement. She couldn remember anyone ever having been invited into his office.

She followed him out of the classroom and down the hall to his office. He opened the door, and Hermione entered trying not to look too obvious as she checked out the furnishings of the office. It was larger than she first thought, as the dark walls of the dungeons tended to make the rooms in this part of the castle seem smaller on first glance. Not surprisingly, his desk was neat, with orderly stacks of papers arranged on one side of the desk. The only incongruous element in the office was a battered sofa that was placed against one wall. She stared at it briefly until she decided that it looked too comfortable to fit in with the rest of the furnishings.