hermes uk No extra charge for riders wit

No extra charge for riders with strollers

TORONTO, Ont. TTC CEO Andy Byford said hermes uk the transit agency will not consider an extra charge for riders who bring a stroller on to a TTC vehicle.

have no plans whatsoever to charge for strollers, Byford said. think that would be wrong. the end of the day, a lot of parents use the TTC maybe because they rely on it. They don have a car. The TTC is there for everyone. with strollers are perfectly entitled to use the TTC. We want them to, Byford said. just ask everyone to work together our customers, our operators to have a sensible use of discretion to keep the TTC safe and to keep it accessible.

think some important points were brought up about the congestion sometimes that strollers can cause, Byford said.

we are going to have a look at that. But I want that to be sensible review. At the end of the day, the TTC is there for everyone and it is my job to provide that. chair Karen Stintz took to Twitter Tuesday and said she is not in favour of charging riders extra to bring strollers on a TTC vehicle.

Many TTC riders 680News spoke with were not on board with the idea of a stroller limit or extra charge.

do take up space. But I don think you should deny a mother right to have her child on public transit, a woman said.

are moms going to do, right? A man said.

One woman said that riders can be more aware of where the stroller is placed.

only thing the driver can do or that people can do is try not to put them in people way. just think there has to be some cooperation, that all. That the point of public transit, another woman said.

Stintz said new, larger TTC vehicles may solve the congestion.

Byford said the transit agency is considering larger buses. This year, there are 27 articulated buses on order and 204 streetcars will hit the streets in 2014.

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Why don the TTC and the City of Toronto social services department look at getting together to create a program to provide mothers with strollers that up easily and take up little space?

There are several companies that manufacture strollers like this.

Mothers that have two or more infants in an associated stroller should have special rights to use handicap busses; this could be an issue.

The costs of a program like this would be much less than the current and potential costs due to the TTC liability in the situation.

What is appalling to me is the amount of people commenting on the clueless parents with strollers. Clueless how exactly?? Perhaps as clueless as hermes uk some of the people who LOVE to jam themselves into subway cars hermes uk when there is clearly no more room left. Or how about as clueless as the hundreds of people who love to lean with their entire bodies on the poles that are clearly there for people to hold on to, to steady themselves on the subway. Oh and while we are complaining about bulky strollers the likes of which I rarely see even being a DAILY TTC user how about those people who carry backpacks as big as some of those strollers who choose never to take them off even when the streetcars and subway are jam packed. And how about turning the tables for just a second and imagining what these Mom go through having to shlep their kids to and from daycare on the transit it is no picnic. So for those of you so bothered by the strollers look around you there are plenty of annoying people on the TTC without stollers. By and large the majority of commuters are simply rude and inconsiderate to their fellow transit travellers and they don even need a stroller to do it.

I currently live in Sudbury Ontario (5 hours North of Toronto) and on the Sudbury Transit webpage it states Strollers and walkers MUST be folded and stored on end in a safe place as to not interfere with other passengers. Too bad the TTC can do something like this. I am in Toronto very often and I can believe how rude some people can be with strollers to people who are even disabled!!! Myself being legally blind and my boyfriend being physically disabled it is unbelievably how some parents with strollers can be so rude to not move or give up their seats for another one a little further on the bus for someone who needs them!!!! Not fair at all!

There should be buses designated for those with baby strollers hermes uk and a digital message outside the bus to indicate the same. This allows riders the choice to board or not to board. As well, the next bus should then be for all riders without strollers, again giving individuals choice. If the presence of stroller (s) be an issue, it doesn have to be and those with strollers too will not be inconvenienced. Henceforth win win!! Some routes buses are frequent and it should not pose a problem like a bus

load of strollers, since it is not generally a case of a line of strollers to begin with. Thank you

I was on the 34 Eglington bus a couple of weeks back and there was a woman who said she was going to file a complaint with the TTC and charging people with strollers. This woman was off her rocker. Not only did she complain about this for the 40 minute bus ride,but she also disrupted the driver from doing his job. She was endangering the safety of all passengers because she was upset there was a stroller on board and would not leave the bus driver alone who eventually had to pull the bus aside and talk to the woman. She then started to verbally attack the passengers on the bus calling them fat cows. The only person upset on the bus was this person. The rest of the passengers stuck together and tried to make her understand however the effort was wasted. No one should have to pay extra for taking their child to school, appointments, etc she doesn like it then she can choose other means of transportation. Before I sign off, once the stroller exited the bus this complainer put her rolling briefcase in the middle of the aisle and stuck out her feet as if she was laying in a recliner. Hypocrite!

How can the TTC call itself better way if they plan on limiting or adding an extra fee for strollers? I believe that if fellow passengers would concede their seat for the parent/care giver and stroller, that would allow other passengers enough room to pass and move towards the back of the bus/train. I don honestly believe that if a parent could go without a stroller that they would still choose youse one. After all, not all it is not at all convienent nor is the subway entirely stroller accessible. If there were extra charge on strollers or certain types of strollers, there should be extra charge on wheelchairs, senior walkers, guilding dogs, oversized backpacks, luggages and oversized human beings. Where should we end??? Seriously !!! It just too SAD that more and more people are lacking of basic consideration to others!! Why can we spend the tax money on more important, or say important things, such as creating more job opportunities, more schools, day cares, hospitals etc so parents don have to take their kids far to get to those facilities; or fundamentally, having more bus routes, buses, and more trains, during rush hours at least.

Those who want to limit strollers or charge are very selfish. I use the TTC regularly and over years I don ever recall the strollers being a major issue on any buss streetcar or subway. I have more trouble with obnoxious riders, like those who won move back or feel they are the guardians of the exit door and stand right in front of it blocking others or those who forget to wash.

As for only allowing so many strollers on a bus? Can you imagine pulling up to a stop on a day like today and telling a single mom with a stroller and infant that she can come on board?? Insanity, that is the only way to describe it.

When people start asking such questions from the government it means they are quite spoiled and have no idea that the system is meant for all not just for them.