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And now, a few words about I hope you’ll forgive me for bringing up an indelicate subject. I probably would never talk about it if it weren’t staring me in the face so often when I go out to get the paper or take my dog, Pippin, for a walk.

Yes, I have a dog, but this is notI carry the Blue Bag of Courage. I pick up my dog’s droppings, tie them neatly in a bag made just for this purpose and toss the bag in a trash can. I don’t leave his poo in our yard or anyone else’s. It’s nasty and just plain rude.

I hated finding poo in my yard when I had no pet of my own. So when we got Pippin, there was no chance I was going to do this to someone else.

Here’s how strongly I feel about that:

Finding myself without a bag, I have placed my neighbor’s newspaper in the mailbox or on the porch, and used the plastic newspaper bag to pick up the evidence.

I have used broad thick magnolia leaves to scoop it up and toss it in the woods.

I have walked halfway across the neighbor hermes uk hood to my house and back to get a bag.

I know you can’t always get a dog to go where you want him to go. But I don’t understand the people who don’t pick up.

One justification goes like th hermes uk is: Dog poop is natural, organic matter that goes back to the soil.

Yes, but not until after it’s plastered between the many grooves in the sole of someone’s sneakers or ye gods between their bare toes. Brrrr. Plus, leaving it in areas where children play is just plain unsanitary.

Justification No. 2: Putting it in bags is bad because you’re just creating more trash in the landfill.

Biodegradable bags are widely available.

Underlying reality behind not picking up poo: It’s nasty. I don’t want to deal with it.

Nor do I, sweetie. But if it’s your dog, it’ hermes uk s your responsibility.

At least some of these defecation delinquents drag their pets over to the grass. I am frequently stunned to see large piles left on streets and sidewalks.

Really? You’re going to leave it on the sidewalk where people walk, run and bike?

One neighbor in nearby Brown Bark Park which has bag stations and trash cans on each corner became incensed enough about this behavior a few years ago to spray paint a circle around a poo pile with messages such as “Pick it up!” and “Nasty!”

I understand the sentiment, but adding a permanent record of this unpleasant event isn’t the answer, either.

Some neighborhoods have devolved into poo wars so bitter that they use DNA typing to identify the dogs. In North Texas, a company called Poo Prints maintains a database so that poop left on sidewalks can be matched to dog owners.

This is not a distinctly American problem.

Despite an ordinance requiring pick up in the city of Buenos Aires, its government estimates some 30 tons of dog droppings are left on sidewalks there

every day.

In Paris, generally held to be one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, 20 tons of “crottes de hermes uk chien” are deposited daily. That city has turned to professional disposal companies to handle its dog waste.