hermes uk No dried up sandwiches for Yas

No dried up sandwiches for Yasmin

Darryn Smith

LUNCH is always a surprise to Yasmin Hurkchand.

The five year old’s lunch box is sure to be the envy of the playground when she starts prep next week, thanks to the creativity of mum Ghabeba.

The Birtinya mother of two takes great hermes uk care in creating memorable and tasty lunches everyday for her daughter.

She cuts up bread, vegies and fruit into the s hermes uk hapes of some of Yasmin’s favourite characters and creatures.

Mrs Hurkchand hopes to inspire other parents ahead of the first week of school next week.

hermes uk
“Yasmin loves them, she’s crazy about it,” she said.

“If I tried to give her a lunch box without a character she wouldn’t be as excited about it.

“It doesn’t take too much of an effort.

“It’s very fast and it’s a creative outlet for me.”

All Mrs Hurkchand’s lunch creations use healthy foods and nothing pre packaged.”

She said inspiration came from Yasmin and her love for certain characters in books and television.

“She’s starting to read so I do themes in her lunch box around letters,” she said.

“I think it’s helping her to learn. It’s very interesting to see things she loves.”

Food Safety Information Council chairman Dr Michael Eyles said packed lunches were great for healthy eating, if carefully packed.

“Lunchboxes kept inside the school bag will keep cooler longer, especially if the bag is hermes uk away from heat sources such as direct sunlight,” he said.

Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

When buying lunchboxes choose ones which are easy to clean and dry. Insulated lunchboxes are a great idea, but not if they are difficult to keep clean.

Lunchboxes and reusable drink bottles must be thoroughly washed and dried daily. If cracked, split or crazed, replace as bugs love hidey holes.