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No Doctors want to treat me for anxiety

Melatonin has helped me alot for sleep. I am also going to start taking it in the late afternoon on the theory that it will help with my diurnal cyclical depression.

Chamomile tea. That is the only thing that got me through drug and alcohol treatment. I brok hermes uk e up two tea bags and drank it herbs and all. I was very tempted to roll it up and smoke it. They couldn’t keep enough of it because we were all drinking gallons of it. It works. But if you’ve never even abused drugs I don’t see why they wouldn’t prescribe benzo meds to you if your anxiety is that bad and you have no desire/intention to abu hermes uk se them. Are you seeing regular doctors or psychiatrists? I guess you’d have to keep trying to find one that can be more helpful, if you’re going to regular ones maybe see a psychiatrist.

Anyone on this thread can have my benzo addiction with a bog red bow wrapped around it. Being a “good and compliant patient” is what led to my benzo hell. After all, when I was first prescribed k pin it was a new miracle medication for anxiety. I took it just as prescribed. Now a couple of decades later I have cognitive problems (can’t remember much of my life since I started taking k pin, it’s heartbreaking to me). Ha, I remember, though, the name of the p doc who prescribed k pin for me. Ironic. Anyway, at this point I’m experiencing the “paradoxical reaction” that benzo use usually eventually causes. In other words, the medication is causing me to be anxious and agitated, but I can’t stop taking it without the absolutely horrendous physical withdrawal symp hermes uk ong> hermes uk toms.