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No decision yet on use of black garbage bags

Pictou County Solid Waste general manager Earle Cameron says there is no immediate plan to get rid of black bags in the county, even though Trenton council voted Wednesday evening to support the idea.

“That was just Trenton’s choice to talk about it now,” Cameron said. “They chose to speak hermes uk on hermes uk it at their council, but the other municipalities are not.”

Businesses are already required to use only clear bags and starting Jan. 1, 2013, apartment tenants will have to follow the same rules.

By getting rid of the black bags, residents would only be permitted to use clear bags for trash. Smaller coloured bags or grocery bags could be placed in the larger bags. This policy is already in place for businesses and is used in other places in the province such as Antigonish.

“Our strategy here is brainstorming ideas on how to reach the 300 kg per person target the province has set out,” Cameron said.

Whether that will mean actually eliminating the black bags in the future is something that will still have to be determined and won’t be done without support from the other municipalities, he said.

“There would have to be a strong majority for sure. It would be controversial,” he said. “People like their black bags.”

For his part Trenton Mayor Glen MacKinnon doesn’t see a problem with the proposal.

“We’re fine with it. What it does is it makes it easier out at t hermes uk he station with the sorting and stuff,” he said. “There’s many ways that people can still keep their privacy.”

Pictou County is on the leading edge hermes uk of recycling, he said, and that’s how he’d like to keep it.

It’s already been proven time and time again that recycling is a waste of energy and that landfill space is not an issue. The only thing economically sound to recycle is aluminium cans. It uses more energy to recycle a plastic pop bottle than it does to make one, and as far as saving trees, trees are grown for harvesting, the more they harvest, the more they plant. All recycling does is make people think they are doing something good for the environment when they really aren’t making that much of a difference. Don’t believe me, check the actual statistics, not the false reports some people want you to believe.