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THE daughter of a government minister has been placed on a good be hermes uk haviour bond for drug charges, after signing up for live in rehab.

Alexandra Davis, the daughter of Child Safety Minister Tracy Davis, was a staffer of Gold Coast MP Ros Bates when she was taken to hospital, where a bag of methylamphetamine was found in her bra and a stra hermes uk w and $5 note used for snorting the drugs were found in her bag.

The court heard she was taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital where nurses found hermes uk a clipseal bag of methylamphetamine in her bra. She also had a bag of cannabis and a joint in her bag, as well as a straw and rolled up five hermes uk dollar note used for snorting drugs.

She told police the drugs were for personal use.

Her lawyer, Michael McMillan, said Davis had kept her drug use secret from her family, and had signed up for a six month live in rehabilitation course starting next week.