hermes uk No Compromise Equals No Soluti

No Compromise Equals No Solutions

And where the tax cuts create jobs argument is no more than a con job, even that bar is too high hermes uk when discussing the impact on the deficit. Virtually all reputable economists agree that tax cuts are the worst form of economic stimulus, and cuts for the rich the worst of all. The Republicans are essentially without even a distorted con to explain away the $700 billion cost of the tax cuts for the top 2% over the next 10 years.

The cuts the Republicans are fighting for won create jobs but will add significantly to the deficit. These conservatives espouse fiscal responsibility and feign help for small business and middle class America but willingly sacrifice both for the well being of their corporate overlords. And the Democrats respond by offering compromise.

The Democrats need to go back on November 15 and hermes uk work to pass the extension of the Bush tax cuts for those making under $250K during the lame duck session. It be hermes uk interesting to watch the Republicans argue why the very rich need the cuts and explain to the American people why increasing the deficit for those who don need the money makes sense. Their argument promises to be a mind numbing spectacle of double hermes uk talk and diversion.

This is a win win for the Democrats any compromise is just once again playing into Republican hands and allowing them to set the agenda and color the conversation. The Democrats need to accept the fact that the Republicans who would not negotiate in good faith while in the minority are certainly not going to do so now. They need to figure out that the Republican campaign for 2012 has already begun and launch their counteroffensive. If they not willing to do so, they might as well just start packing their bags now.