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No cause of death yet in NYC case of fetus in bag

A judge on Tuesday scheduled hearings and a trial Jan. 23 on the misdemeanor theft and stolen property possession charges, the only ones that have been lodged against the 17 year old. Meanwhile, a friend also facing shoplifting charges in the same incident pleaded guilty to a lesser off hermes uk ense.Medical examiners are still determining whether the fetus was alive when delivered and what caused the death. Depending on the results, more charges could ensue.The case began when a security guard at a midtown Manhattan Victoria’s Secret store stopped the two girls to examine their bags Oct. 17. The fetus was inside one of the bags, police said.The girl who was carrying that bag maintains her innocence in the shoplifting case. She’s accused of trying to leave the shop without paying for a $45 pair of pants, according to a criminal court complaint.Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Erika Edwards on Tuesday turned down a defense request to dismiss the charges.The girl’s lawyers wouldn’t discuss this week how the fetus came to be in the bag, but one of the at hermes uk torneys, Earl Ward, said they don’t believe there’s any basis for further charge hermes uk s against her.The girl, who has a 2 year old son, hasn’t gone back to her high school since the arrest, but is continuing her education through other means, said another of her lawyers, Genay Ann Leitman.The girl’s friend, also 17, was charged with taking about $200 worth of shirts and other items.She pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was ordered to do two days of community service. Disorderly conduct is a violation, hermes uk akin to a traffic ticket, not a crime.