hermes uk No Bathroom on Dutch Trains

No Bathroom on Dutch Trains

Politicians and commuters in the Netherlands are up in arms over the fact that there is no bathroom on Dutch trains that go short distances. The Sprinter commuter trains hermes uk are supposed to stop every 10 minutes, so about 16 percent of them have no bathrooms. Ordinarily this wouldn’t pose much of a problem. However, frequent breakdowns and extreme snow conditions mean that often passengers are unable to evacuate to use the bathroom.

No Bathroom on the Train? Pee in a Bag.

So, what is the proposed solution for passengers who have emergencies and need to use facilities when there is no bathroom on Dutch t hermes uk rains? Commuters will have access to urinal bags on the bathroom less trains. The plastic pee b hermes uk ags have a cup like shape and contain an absorbent material that converts urine to a gel like substance, similar to disposable diapers. After a passenger is done using a pee bag, he or she can dispose of it immediately onboard.

No Bathroom on Dutch Trains Means No Privacy Either

If a passenger has a bathroom emergency and seriously has to go, there is no designated private are hermes uk a to do so. In the event of mechanical breakdowns and extreme weather conditions that prevent train evacuation, commuters are going to have to swallow their pride and pee in a bag. A spokesperson for the Dutch rail company did claim that passengers would be guaranteed a private space to relieve themselves, but didn’t specifiy where it was. On a small train with no bathroom, it’s hard to imagine finding a private place. Are employees going to create makeshift curtains out of their jackets? There seems to be something inherently wrong with this scenario.