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No Ban For Rogers After Clenbuterol Positive

Michael Rogers (Tinkoff Saxo) will receive no further sanction after testing positive for clenbuterol, the UCI have announced.

careful analysis of Mr Rogers explanations and the accompanying technical reports the UCI found that that there was a significant probability that the presence of clenbuterol may have resulted from the consumption of contaminated meat from China where he had taken part in a race before travelling to Japan, said a statement issued by the UCI on Wednesday.

a result, the UCI has proceeded with the automatic disqualification of Mr Rogers results at the 2013 Japan Cup Cycle Road Race (the competition during which the positive sample was taken) but, after consulting WADA, decided that he should not be sanctioned any further. UCI went on to recommend that all athletes avoid eating meat while in both China and Mexico.

Rogers took to twitter soon after the UCI’s announcement to release his own statement. “Over the past four months, my family and I have endured a very difficult time. The UCI decision means I can return to racing immediately, and I am looking forward to getting back to work, competing in the sport I love.

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends, teammates, colleagues, medical experts and fans who have showed continued support and understanding. Further, I wish to show my gratitude to the board of Tinkoff Saxo for the professional manner with which this ambiguous ordeal has been handled. Thank you for having the perception of what is right, rather than following the path of least resistance.”

Rogers has been out of action since it was announced that he tested positive after taking victory at the Japan Cup on October 20 of last year. The Australian issued his own press r hermes uk elease after the finding was made public, claiming that the clenbuterol had entered his system while he was racing at the Tour of Beijing a week earlier, a race organised by the UCI’s sports promotion branch, Global Cycling Productions.

Jonathan Breyne of Crelan Euphony also returned a positive test for the drug after he raced at the Tour of Taihu Lake in China last year. He was suspended by his team and later tried to commit suicide. According to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, Breyne will also be given the all clear to race again. He is currently with the Continental Josan To Win team.

Clenbuterol is banned for use in animals i hermes uk n many countries, but is often used in farming in China and WADA have a long established warning regarding the eating of meat products while in the country. Many teams will bring their own food to races but it can prove to be a logistical challenge.

Tinkoff Saxo currently have 28 riders on their roster, meaning that there is still space for Rogers to race. The team are yet to make an announcement about his return.

You lot really are brainless ignorami. Contador was banned. That was the first prominent test of this so why isn’t that ‘precedent’? If you know anything about law and precedent you would know it is only used as a deciding factor during a trial when the circumstances are the same, which they’re not.

Precedent does not give carte blanche for future similar behaviour without the possibility of reprimand. It is simply a possible defence when the case is considered and it is not binding on any court’s decision

Alright, let me say that Wiggins’ 9th place was a great result. That Paris Roubaix was one of the most exciting in decades and Paris Roubaix is always an incredible show. That was the hardest racing I have witnessed in years, probably decades. All I have to say is chapeau Wiggins. For him to have withstood that onslaught was so impresive and my hats of to him. With that ride I think it’s safe to say he is indeed a hard man of the North. However I will say that I still have the right to take some jabs at him once in a while. If you catch my drift.

Lets just say that this doping fiasco that cycling continues to face is one BIG MESS and leave it at that.

It seems like the powers that be have chosen to take each positive result case by case and they chose to render different judgments for each case depending upon different circumstances. Thats not good. I’m not saying that Rodgers should have been sanctioned or not. What I am saying is that when the rules are interpreted differently for each case then it makes the system look weak and inadequate (which is seems to be.) And suspicions remain.

If the rules say that Clenbuterol is a banned substance then its a banned substance, no questions asked. It should make no difference what the circumstances are.

Good for Rodgers but w hermes uk hat about other riders (like Contador) that have been sanctioned for the same thing. They used the same excuse and were sanctioned while Rodgers gets off.

Many of you may disagree with this but this doping control system is very badly broken. Either is banned or it isn’t. You can not have it both ways.

of course you have to take different cases differently. the EU conducted 1000’s of clen’ tests over a 5 yr period and found NO samples in France, Spain, Germany, Italy or UK only a handful in Eastern Europe so where did the clen’ in Bertie’s steak from? clen’ in China is a different situation and forensic examination would also determine what type of clen’ it was. clen’ is an absolute offence (look it up legal boys) but there are always provisos and conditions when the person can be absolved. Innocent til proven guilty anyone?

The UCI is like a crooked police department out trying to catch speeders. Some of them are guilty and are fined the max. Some others that committed the same offense (depending upon the circumstances) are found not guilty even though they did the SAME THING.

Whats the difference with this? I’ll say this and I’ll write it in all caps so you blockheads that DO NOT understand common sense will see it clearly.


Do you understand that logic? The UCI and its multitude of different anti doping agencies are a JOKE. Thats what I say and its all I will say because you people DO NOT UNDERSTAND LOGIC even if its staring you right in the face or its being shouted at you like I did above. I know the law very well thank you and I certainly do not need to read your stupid logic. I give up trying to talk in a logical and sensible way with you people.

At least come back with a statement like “you think clen should be taken off the books in China if a positive is returned”. Other wise say something more intelligent then you said above. Have a great day.

One other thing. The UCI is issuing warnings about eating meat in China Mexico. Here is a nasty little secret, the US beef herd is the smallest it has been in 40+ years. A large amount of meat is currently being imported from Mexico. Check the claims of most fast food joints(100 percent North American Beef) that includes Mexico people. Check the label on hamburger at Trader Joes contains beef from Mexico. If we are to be warned about beef from Mexico riders in the US could just as easily test positive. If what they contend is true.

although you say the steak “probably came from south america”? there was no proof of that. In addition technology exists in Spain and elsewhere where they can trace meat cuts not only to the producer but to the actual animal. If you recall during the contador case, it was announced that the meat was traced to one of three Spainish producers the most likely (they claimed )was one who had a brother who had once been in business with someone who was accused of using clen in racehorses. Wildly speculative scenarios were put forth considering the true facts in the case. Yes it is possible that there could be beef not tested that was contaminated. But highly unlikely. Clenbuterol use in cattle is counterproductive. You lose more weight than is gained and the meat becomes tainted and tough, which results in a downgrade in quality and a lower price per pound.

I’m really glad to hear that the ban has been dropped for Rogers. There are dozens of professional table tennis players who returned a positive test for clenbuterol after tournaments in China and as far as I know none of them were sanctioned. So, why should only cyclists pay?

Honestly, I think the UCI should add an exception for riders who return minimal traces of clenbuterol (maybe in the ng area I’m sure , the experts can come up with levels that make sense) after racing in China the risk

to sentence someone who is innocent is just too high in this case.

Someone who is tested positive with a few ng of pg of clenbuterol after racing in China shouldn’t be treated the same as those who use EPO and blood transfusions.