Can wean from the plastic bag? a minimalist!

Michael R. Bloomberg announced this month that he would push for a , both to raise as much as $16 million a year for the city in its economic slump and to steer New Yorkers toward greener practices switching to bags they can use over and over.

Yet even those who agree with the idea say the weaning from such a symbol of waste could be particularly difficult, if not painful, in a city with New York’s quirks.

In interviews over the past week, many shoppers said the city’s largely carless, minimalist style did not easily lend itself to toting canvas or heavier plastic bags around like another accessory. Many also pointed out that the plastic bag is hardly a throwaway indispensable, they said, for cleaning up after pets, camouflaging the smell of a dirty diaper, hiding an open can of beer or simply holding other trash.

Environmental groups like Natural Resources Defense Council support the idea of a surcharge, saying the goal is to make people switch to reusable bags and to conserve resources. “If you end up reusing a plastic bag 5 times or 10 times, that could replace 5 or 10 of the flimsy bags that are now used,” said Eric A. Goldstein, a senior lawyer with the council in New York. Whether durable plastic or cotton, the reusable bags are a greener alternative as long as they are, in fact, used and not forgotten in a closet, he said. from a New York Times Article by MIREYA NAVARRO. Published: November 17, hermes uk 2008


By REDUCING plastic bag consumption by only 2 bags a week, you will throw a way at least 100 plastic bags a year do the math if we all would make the effort and give it a sincere shot, we could happily live with a much smaller amount of plastic bags.

and for those who don want to tote around town with 4 5 canvas bags. There are actually some very creative styles out there, you can easily hide in your purse:

NONWOVEN ZIPUP TOTE in 12 fun colors


The canvas tote a fashion statement as popular as the TEE?

Is the canvas tote the new TEE? Why not as an article in the Guardian confirms the tote is more than an eco trend it also makes for a great fashion statement just like the ever popular T Shirt read more would be great if we’d truly experienced an eco epiphany, but the success of the reusable bag is as much about style as saving the planet. Like T shirts and badges, the square shaped shopper is the perfect blank canvas for slogans, logos and patterns. Consumers who couldn’t give a toss about the planet love its fashion statement just as much as the green contingent loves its ethical credentials.

At last month’s Fashion Week the designer shopper replaced the paper goodie bag at hermes uk shows from Mulberry to Marc Jacobs. Fashion East, a London showcase for young designers, asked new talent David David to create theirs. ‘The shopper is a billboard and a status symbol,’ he says. ‘It’s perfect merchandise.’

It’s certainly the first bag taken up by pensioners and hipsters alike, and the green movement hopes there’s life in it yet. Eco entrepreneur Kresse Wesling created Sainsbury’s new reusable bag from used jute coffee bean sacks. (The Guardian)

The canvas bag revolution. Photograph: Alicia Canter

What a Craft Project for Halloween

What’s my favorite holiday? Halloween! Why not trick or treat in style with a custom tote bag to carry your candy? and while you’re at it, let’s customize your pumpkins with some co ordin hermes uk ating images as well!

I used the owl stencil to customize an inexpensive, natural canvas tote bag.

I masked the outside areas with paper and used the BROWN Stencil1 Sprayer to paint with.

Then I used acrylic paint and a stencil brush to stencil a deer on one pumpkin. I then stencilled a mini jolly roger onto another smaller pumpkin.

here’s how they all came out! Now you’re ready for trick or treating in style!

Are you using your GREEN tote bag?

FROM AN ARTICLE RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE NYT : people to actually use their bags is not an easy matter. Maximizing the benefits of your tote bag requires changing deeply ingrained behavior, like getting used to taking 30 second showers to lower one energy and wate hermes uk r use. At present, many of the bags go unused remaining stashed instead in consumers closets or in the trunks of their cars. Earlier this year, KPIX in San Francisco polled 500 of its television viewers and found that more than half 58% said they almost never take reusable cloth shopping bags to the grocery store.

Phil Rozenski, director of environmental strategies at the plastic bag maker Hilex Poly Co., believes even fewer people remember to use them. Based on consumer surveys conducted by the company, he says roughly the same number of people reuse their bags as bring disposable bags back to the grocery store for recycling a figure he puts at about 10% of consumers, according to industry data. This month at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, marketing professor Baba Shiv dedicated the first day of a weeklong seminar on green marketing to the blocks facing reusable bags. He says it can take and decades for consumers to change their shopping habits, and only when there a personal reward or an obvious taboo associated with the change: it taboo yet to be carrying plastic bags? I don think so. While I feel that my well thought out gift deserves a special way of unveiling and I do enjoy the excitement of discovering what hidden in short can live without packaging I am always shocked by the mountain of waste left after the ceremony has ended.

So come to think is there a better approach to this ? and here our simply yet chic tote bags come in very handy. First time this holiday season we are offering 100% natural cotton cloth bags w. 3 fun stock imprints at a very low minimum of only 25 pcs. The totes are at a 15 size perfect for most gifts and best of all can be used as your day to day tote bag thereafter.

If you really want to get the all in one experience you can customize your tote and add a 2 to 3 line personal greeting to your loved ones. No greeting cards needed any more or even better you can use the tote as the greeting as it folds up and can be mailed out. All at a very affordable price! How much better can it get!