hermes uk No answers for widower over wi

No answers for widower over wife

Patrick Woods

AFTER nearly a decade of seeking answers and justice over the death of his wife in Nambour Hospital on January 25, 2005, Ray Prowd has finally given up.

He said yesterday he had been given the “run around” by everyone along the way, particularly the Queensland Health Quality and Complaints Commission, after his wife went into hospital with a broken leg and came out in a body bag.

He said the commission had failed to conduct anyone idea of a real investigation, a coroner had ruled there was nothing to investigate and the ombudsman had done nothing, along with a succession of attorneys general.

The Crime and Misconduct Commission had failed also to provide Mr Prowd with any serious sort of investigation, he said.

And there is another thing Mr Prowd says he has learnt.

He has learnt no matter who you vote for, you get a politician.

He says Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie had been adamant something needed to be done, when he was in Opposition as Shadow Attorney General. But upon winning the election, he suddenly could do nothing, Mr Prowd told The Gympie Times this week.

It has been a long and heartbreaking journey for Mr Prowd, who says his wife Valerie (Suzie) Prowd, was killed by an allergic reaction to the painkiller Endone, which should not be given to anyone who has emphysema, as she did.

Mr Prowd says the CMC was supposed to find out how a woman admitted to hospital with a broken leg could die of breathing difficulties, after having been ruled fit enough for an operation.

And why the foreign trained doctor, who prescribed the potentially lethal painkiller, had not been identified.

Mr Prowd wanted that doctor questioned as to why he prescribed for a w hermes uk oman with emphysema and who needed an oxygen tube to breathe a drug which is said to have side effects involving reduced oxygen to the brain and which a simple Google search shows should not be taken by people with asthma or other breathing difficulties.

Mr Prowd says he was repeatedly frustrated by his attempts to use the then Freedom of Information laws to obtain copies of documents relevant to the case and by repeated and apparently false claims that an investigation was under way.

The CMC investig hermes uk ation of Queensland Health Quality Complaints Commission, was the kind of “bureaucratic whitewash” many have come to expect from an organisation, which routinely refers complaints back to the department being complained about, effectively allowing “Caesar to judge Caesar.”

He says a letter from the CMC, signed by its Complaints Services director Helen Couper, said her organisation was required by hermes uk its act to work co operatively with other agencies “to achieve optimal use of resources.”

It then referred Mr Prowd complaint to the CEO of the commission.

Mr Prowd says he has five death certificates. He says one is a draft, and all have different even conflicting comments on the cause of death.

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