hermes uk NN leaf program a gonerBut

NN leaf program a goner

But now in the throes of the Great Recession, budgets slashed left and right, jobs drying up, middle class toppling, some cost cutting city leaders are floating the idea of dropping the lux hermes uk ury of curbside loose leaf pick up.

This has some citizens grumbling.

But leaders pushing to drop it to save $150,000 a year and the $1 million it would cost to replace aging equipment are right. And those fretting over how to save it in some form, well, if you can make it cost neutral, so be it.

Otherwise, folks, suck it up and join the rest of us in the annual joy of bagging your own leaves. I’m only partly facetious. It’s good exercise. Really. Especially all that eye rolling. It gets you and your kids communicating, usually in loud, grumpy voices. And it makes leaf disposal take twice as long, doubling the fun.

So just admit you’ve had a nice run, foisting the cost of your leaf collection off on other taxpayers hermes uk even those who don’t have trees or real estate of their own.

And this fall, rake as usual. Then unless the city somehow manages to rescue the leaf program you’ll have to bag, too.

Good grief. I’m sorry you don’t have leaf pickup but it’s a wonderful service offered by Newport News and us bagging leaves too isn’t going to make your leaf bagging any easier/take less time/cost less money. Misery loves company is a ridiculous reason to support this change. What about the environmental impact of all the plastic bags that they just tear open to get the leaves out of anyway at the dump? It’s a good program. It’s environmentally conscious. It encourages people to rake their yards. It saves the citizens time and money improving quality of life. It helps those unable to do the additional physical effort required in bagging and who can’t afford to hire someone to do it for them and have no able bodied teenagers to put to work.

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