hermes uk NMSBVI lights the night with l

NMSBVI lights the night with luminarias

Thousands of luminarias set the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired aglow with the spirit of the holiday season.

NMSBVI held its annual luminarias display on Wednesday night by lighting approximately 3,000 of the little lanterns, according to Alicia McAninch secretary for the schools board of regents.

McAninch said she was a student council sponsor when the concept was first dreamed hermes uk up and became a reality. She explained that the event was first sponsored by a student council project, but soon the whole school was contributing to the festive occasion.

“The students and staff look forward to doing it every year cause everybody gets involved,” she said.

She said the luminarias display has grown over the decades to what it is today.

“We didn’t used to do as many as we do now,” she said. “We used to only light the interior of the school. Now, we light up all the walkways.”

She said the school hermes uk usually does fundraisers in the form of bake sales to obtain the money required to purchase the materials to create the luminarias. She said it only cost a few hundred dollars to buy the paper bags and candles because the school purchases them in bulk.

The purpose of lighting the paper lanterns is to celebrate the coming of Christmas and to send the students off with the light and joy of the holidays.

hermes uk It’s kind of an event that is part of the last week of school, right before Christmas,” she said.

McAninch said the school provides various holiday events for students to enjoy and participate in be hermes uk fore going home during the winter break.

Though McAninch enjoys all the other school holiday events, she said the luminarias holds a special place in her heart. She said it was significant and sentimental for her because of her history with the school and the fact that was there for its inception.