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Nitin Sahrawat Kiran Thapar bag ‘Ishq Kills’

Star Plus’s newly launched series titled ‘Ishq Kills’ has hit the TV screens of late.

The show which is hosted by Vikram Bhatt is based on real life romances. Ishq Kills, will bring forward, a series of forbidden love stories that go beyond the traditional norms of society.

Actor Ayaz Ahmed last seen as Raghu in Life OK’s Do Dil hermes uk Ek Jaan has been finalized to play a pivotal role while model turned actress Kiran Thapar will be paired opposite Nitin Sahrawat in the episode.

“The entire star cast is yet hermes uk to start the shoot. This particular episode is titled as ‘Maa’ and Kiran Thapar will portray the title role,” adds the source.

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The makers have roped in known names like Charlie Chauhan, Kapil Nirmal, Srishty Rode for their episodes.

When contacted, Kiran Thapar confirmed her presence in the episode, “Yes, I am doing Ishq Kill hermes uk s but right now I am not in the situation to share any details about the show as I haven’t started shooting yet.”

All our efforts to reach Ayaz Ahmed were futile. After Do Dil Ek Jaan, Ayaz was last seen in Yeh Hai Aashiqui on UTV Bindass.

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