hermes uk Nissan Unveils Customized Chic

Nissan Unveils Customized Chicago NV200 Taxi At Chicago Auto Show

Nissan offers Chicagoans the opportunity to say HailYes to a better taxi experience via social media

CHICAGO, Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Following its introduction in New York City as the city’s newest taxi, Nissan unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show a customized Chicago taxi featuring more content tailored to the unique needs of metropolitan cab service than ever before.

Chicago has about 7,000 cabs in service, and Nissan wants those who know them best taxi riders and drivers to engage in dialogue about what features make for a better taxi experience. The public can share their thoughts through social media such as Twitter or Facebook using HailYes.

The Nissan NV200 taxi’s green and white design expresses a modern take on a historically popular Chicago taxi color. The Chicago NV200 taxi offers USB charging, anti fatigue driver’s seats, panoramic sky views of the city, reduced odors, improved leg room, more cargo space, passenger safety and other conveniences that no other taxi offers.

The Nissan NV200 is the only taxi on the market to have been crash tested with the installed. Because the and equipment are designed to custom fit the vehicle, passenger safety is improved by rounded edges and fully functioning airbags features that many taxis do not have.

“With great feedback from drivers, riders and media in New York, we’ve had a number of dealers across the country raise their hands to get a supply of NV200 taxis for cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and across Texas.

“Nissan’s HailYes campaign will engage Chicagoans in conversation about what’s needed for a better taxi experience i hermes uk n the city,” said Diaz. “The solution for an improved taxi isn’t a pipe dream; it’s already here. We’d love to se hermes uk e those visiting or watching coverage of the Chicago Auto Show voice their support with a HailYes shout out in social media for the NV200 taxi.”

Drawing on insight from taxi drivers, fleet owners and passengers, the Nissan NV200 taxi aims to hermes uk provide the comfort and convenience of black car service in an everyday taxi you can hail on the street. One of the Nissan NV200 taxi’s popular design elements is the transparent roof that gives riders stunning views of Chicago city sights and skyscrapers. Other features include:

Ample room for four passengers and their luggage, offering substantial

improvements over current and recently unveiled taxi models

Sliding doors with entry step and grab handles, providing easy entry a hermes uk nd Opening side windows Active carbon lined headliner to help neutralize interior odors

Overhead reading lights for passengers and floor lighting to help locate Mobile charging ports for passengers, including a 12 volt electrical