hermes Nine People Died in Alabama Du

Nine People Died in Alabama Due to an Infection

Nine hermes people died in Alabama due to an infection outbreak, what an awful headline to have to share. Unfortunately, it is tr hermes ue. The hermes nine people who died all were hospital patients who had been using contaminated IV feeding bags. The maker of the bag has pulled them off the market.

What was it that caused nine people in Alabama to die also made 10 others sick? The killer bacteria that caused all of this is called ‘serratia marcescens’. The IV bags were made by one pharmacy, Meds IV in Birmingham, Alabama. It gives you the chills hearing that an IV bag can be deadly.

According to MSN, when Select Specialty Hospital in Birmingham learned that a supplier may have distributed contaminated IV bags, they stopped using them. Other hospitals involved were Baptist Princeton, Baptist Shelby, Medical West and Cooper Green in Birmingham and Baptist Prattville which is in the Montgomery area.

These deaths are being investigated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). State Health Officer Donald Williamson said there are no more patients being exposed to these bags, therefore, the risk is over.

A hospital is a place where you go to get well, not to get hermes sick. It is a shame that this horrible situation happened.Send your thoughts and prayers to thefamilies and friends of these nine people dead in Alabama due to infection outbreak.