hermes Nine bags of marijuana found i

Nine bags of marijuana found in Detroit Avenue apartment

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud Pre hermes ventionManage Your AdPlace an AdThe neighbor walked to the woman door and was able to hear voices inside, but no one would answer the door. When officers arrived, they noted the tenant had an active warrant out for his arrest.During a search, officers uncovered nine bags of marijuana. He was arrested for drug trafficking and disorderly conduct.DISORDERLY CONDUCT, DETROIT AVENUE: A man was found passed out at a local bar Nov. 4. hermes Two nurses helped restore consciousness, at which point he was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was told not to return to that bar.DISTURBANCE, DETROIT AVENUE: When two men said they where going to wait outside for a ride home from a local bar, another man took that to mean they were going to wait outside to fight him.The man inside the bar called the police, saying he felt threatened and afraid to leave the bar. The miscommunication was soon cleared up.DISORDERLY CONDUCT, MADISON AVENUE: A man was cited for disorderly conduct after an officer saw him urinate on the side of a local bar Nov. 4. Nov. 4, only to find that the man was just tired.COMPLAINT, hermes LAKE AVENUE: A man called police to say that it was suspicious that a passing driver said at him Nov. 4.INTOXICATION, DETROIT AVENUE: Police cited a man for intoxication after seeing him start hermes a fight with another man Nov. 4.ANIMAL BITE, GLADYS AVENUE: A small dog bit several children Nov. 4 during the city trick or treating event. The family did not want any further police involvement.THEFT, MARS AVENUE: Three men were arrested for theft and possession of criminal tools after being seen stealing a tire off a parked vehicle Nov. 4.CRIMINAL DAMAGING, DETROIT AVENUE: A window on a bus at St. Edward High School was found broken Nov. 3.PETTY THEFT, DETROIT AVENUE: Police cited an employee at a local restaurant after he stole a fellow employee cell phone. The phone was returned and the man was released.THEFT, MADISON AVENUE: A man stole a $3 bottle of vodka from a local gas station and ran off. An employee just wanted police to check the area.DISTURBANCE, COVE AVENUE: A resident heard gunshots in the area Nov. 2.When officers arrived, they questioned the resident who made the report. Later, they found a bag of marijuana in a nearby driveway. Police are continuing the investigate this matter.