hermes nine bags of crisps or a heart

nine bags of crisps or a hearty bowl of soup

Offer any health conscious pers hermes on a mountain of crisps for supper and their reaction would be one of horror.

However, many families are unwittingly sitting down to meals with more salt in them than 11 bags of ready salted crisps.

Last week, new research revealed that many of our ready meal staples contain as much as a teaspoon of salt the recommended amount for an entire day’s consumption.

Even so called ‘healthy’ hermes supermarket options can be loaded with it.

Here, ANGELA DOWDEN examines the salt content of some favourites and compares their levels to those of a standard 34.5g bag of Walkers ready salted crisps, which contains 0.5g of salt.

Spring Veg, Brocolli Stilton, Leek Potato, Wild Mushroom, Celery, Tomato Basil and Minted Pea. All I had to do was do the selling.

The factory designed all the labels, and for the catering market they are delivered, frozen in 2kg vacuum pouches with an 18month shelf life.

Probably due to having lived in France for the last 30 years, I make all my own soups and dishes, with fresh veg meats, without any salt at all, if I have guests I put the salt on the table so they are free to help themselves. That’s the way things are done in France. Don’t say it is time consuming, I have a superb 30 yr old pressure cooker (cocotte minute) which cuts cooking time to less than half that of an ordinary cooking dish, saves energy and keeps the flavours. I also find cooking when I come home from work helps me wind down and think abo hermes ut something else. If hubby is home we sit down peel the veg together, without putting the telly on. I do have some cartons of soup in the cupboard for emergencies but salt sugar content put me off. I did yearn for Campbell’s cream of mus hermes hroom, but now I make my own it’s much better, without salt.

OK folks here are the facts. Ordinary table salt is processed and is really sodium chloride. Commercial salt is refined by drying at a heat in excess of 1,000 degrees which destroys beneficial substances in salt. This heat also causes chemical distortions that turn salt into sodium chloride, a substance that does no good in the body. Table salt is full of additives, fluoride, anti caking agents, excessive amounts of potassium iodide and other poisons. Commercial salt also contain aluminum derivatives, which are known to be highly toxic. These additives can cause discoloration in salt, so bleaching agents are then used to restore the desirable white color. Its no wonder refined commercial salt is causing so many health problems!! Replace table salt with natural sea salt, celtic sea salt, organic sea salt and this will be beneficial to the body, as you will also be getting magnesium, potassium and other vital and essential minerals which our bodies need. As Meerkat says “Simples!!”