hermes Nikolas Galiatsatos Accused Of

Nikolas Galiatsatos Accused Of Dropping hermes Bags Of Mice At Rival Pizzerias CBS Philly


Nikolas Galiatsatos is in jail, accused of dropping off mice at t hermes wo rival pizzerias on Monday afternoon.

According to police, Galiatsatos, 47 years old, walked into Verona Pizza on Westchester Pike and asked to use the bathroom. The owner was suspicious when Galiatsatos went in with a bag in his hand but left without one.

The owner saw footprints on the toilet seat, and retrieved the bag that Galiatsatos had left from the ceiling.

I saw a bag, I pulled it out and told officers right away. They told me there were mice in the bag. I automatically threw it outside, said Fanis Facas, owner of Verona.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says two cops happened to be having lunch there at the time. They followed Galiatsatos to the nearby Uncle Nick where they hermes say he dumped six more mice one of them dead in a bag in a trash can.

look in there and there is a bag of mice, said Harry Saritsoglou, owner of Uncle Nick Pizza. is out of his mind. He lost his mind. believe Galiatsatos was having problems with mice at Nina Bella, a pizzeria he owns nearby, and was bla hermes ming his competitors.

went out specifically to buy these mice and there no doubt it was in retaliation, because apparently his business isn doing that well. He trying to put them out of business, said Chitwood.