hermes Nikki Ferrell Juan Pabloso

Nikki Ferrell Juan Pablo

soil after attending a friend wedding together in the Dominican Republic, the 32 year old ex soccer player and the 26 year old pediatric nurse held on tight to each other hands how sweet!

It no secret that island getaways tend to bring ou hermes t the romantic in everyone, and this apparently includes the cynical Juan Pa hermes blo!Upon their return to Miami from a beautiful weekend in DR, the Venezuelan stud and the beauty from Missouri held hands at the airport, using their other free arms to haul their rolly bags.

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The pair were dressed super casually, matching in dark denim jeans and black fitted collared sweatshirts. Nikki sported a messy bun and zero makeup, proving that not only can she and Juan hermes Pablo coordinate outfits, but also that they are past the stage of having to dress up for each other. This speaks volumes about their romance!

While it always possible that this is just a stunt for the cameras, Juan Pablo attitude has made it very clear that he feels no obligation towards Nikki. So the fact that they are still spending quality time together and PDAing, could mean that their love will last!

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell Romantic Island Weekend

If the couple were holding hands after the trip, who knows what went down during their March 15 weekend vacay!

Ni hermes kki and Juan Pablo were dressed to impress for the wedding, in a stunning red gown and tux, respectively. The duo were caught smooching by the cameras, though it seemed like Nikki was more into the kiss and Juan Pablo was more into the attention. Some things never change!